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Attend Canada's most exciting grooming show of the year... right before the busy holiday rush! Allowing groomers to stock up on necessities, and check out new products in person.

We have much anticipation and a line up of great speakers, both local and international. Michell Evans, Irina Pinkusevich, Lorna Phillips & Beth Tomken.


We are Groom Team Canada sanctioned event drawing top groomers from across the country and beyond. And with 1800 followers through social media, and a large mailing list, we are able to reach your targeted audience.

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Our annual event is 10 - 11 November, 2019. Taking place in beautiful Niagara Falls, Ontario. This year our venue is at Ramada Plaza By Wynham, located at  7389 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

We are pleased to announce our new venue allows for set up Saturday 9 November, 2019 for your convenience.


If you have any questions please contact us! We'll be happy to assist you. Can't attend the show? That's ok, we would be delighted to have your support! Get in touch with us to set up a sponsorship, and how we can network.

Vendor packages

This year, the minimum purchase of  a vendor booth is called "bronze package", priced $425.

All packages include: 

  • 1 booth

  • 2 chairs

  • promoting your attendance through website and social media outlets.

  • promotional material announcing your attendance at our event, that can be shared through social media and handouts.

For non-profit businesses the basic vendor package is $425 with 100%  sponsorship.

Please let us know upon registration how you would like to be invoiced - PayPal or e-Transfer possible. Thank you, we're looking forward to seeing you in Niagara Falls!

If you are a sponsor only, please contact us and we'll be happy to set up your sponsorship! 




  •  booth

  • your logo on website, in print &  socila media




  • 50% booth

  • your logo on advertising

  • banner display on show floor (provided by you)

  • public appreciation

  • delivery of grooming awards

  • promotional material handed out

  • special introduction, pre-awards

  • pre order special announcements through our social media outlets and email contacts

  • 3 months of advertising on all social media (provided by you)





  • free booth

  • your logo on advertising

  • banner display on show floor (provided by you)

  • public appreciation

  • delivery of grooming awards

  • promotional material handed out

  • special introduction, pre-awards

  • pre order special announcements through social media outlets and our email contacts

  • 12 months of advertising on all social media (provided by you)




  • 25% booth

  • your logo on advertising

  • banner display on show floor (provided by you)

  • public appreciation

  • delivery of grooming awards

  • promotional material handed out

  • special introduction, pre-awards


Vendor registration

All packages include 1 booth space and 2 chairs, and sponsorship.  Levels higher than bronze can be either cash, gift certificates or in product.  Advertising on the website, on our social media accounts and promotional materials is included.

Thank you for your support!

Can't attend the show, but still want to support?  Please contact us at 519-497-0802

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Show rules & regulations

All Exhibitor Representatives and personnel must obtain and wear their official exhibitor badge(s) at all times during the Show Hours. Badges will be issued only to company representatives who will work in your booth. All other guests must be paid registrants of L.E.T.S Groom Niagara. Booth representatives NOT wearing their official “show” badge will not be allowed entry to the show. Exhibitor badges identifying your company’s representative(s) are issued in your “show” packet at the registration desk.



No person, firm or organization not having regularly contracted with show management for the occupancy of space on the showroom floor will be permitted to display or demonstrate its products, processes, or services, solicit orders, or distribute advertising materials at the show. Any infringement of this rule will lead to the prompt removal of the offending person(s) and products/materials.



Unethical conduct or infraction of rules by the exhibitor, or his representatives, or both, will subject the exhibitor to dismissal from the exhibit area, wherein it is agreed that no refund will be made, and further no demand for redress will be made by the exhibitor or his representatives.


One draped table, two chairs are included in the cost of your exhibit space. Exhibitor wares, decorations, signs or other exhibit design may not obstruct other display nor project into hallways. All exposed parts of the exhibits must be finished so as not to be objectionable to other exhibitors or show management.  Booth spaces are 8'x8' 



No soliciting for business shall be permitted in aisles or in other exhibitors’ booths. Samples, catalogs, pamphlets, publications, etc. may only be distributed by exhibitors strictly within the confines of their own booth. No exhibitor will be permitted to conduct any promotional events, or anything of a character that might be objectionable to the show. Sound systems and additional lighting will only be permitted if pre-approved by show management. Sound level will also be dictated by show manager and hotel.



The exhibitor understands that all expenses for trucking and handling the exhibit into and out of the show, the erection and decoration of the display, and all costs incidental to the operation of the display are not part of the show fee and are to be paid by the exhibitor.



No exhibit may be dismantled before the specified time, nor may any part of the exhibit or equipment be removed, once it has been set up, except with the permission of show management.



It is understood and agreed that neither the show management nor the owner or lessors of the property which serves as the show host is liable for the safety of the exhibits, exhibitors, or their employees against burglary, robbery, theft, or damage by fire or other causes. The exhibitor should insure its property against all loss or damage from whatever cause and against public liability (at its own expense). The exhibitors should keep an attendant in their booths during all show hours. All vendors and their representatives must wear their official Show Badge throughout the show.



Failure of exhibitor to make payment as specified shall entitle show management to cancel this agreement without notice and exhibitor shall remain liable for any unpaid rentals. If the exhibitor has not occupied their contracted space by the final set up day prior to the opening of the show, or has cancelled prior to the opening of the show, or has forfeited their space for failure to tenure payment, the show management reserves the right to rent the vacated space to another exhibitor without restitution to the original exhibitor and/or utilize said space as it deems appropriate. It is agreed that show management shall deliver each contracted space to the respective exhibitor unless unforeseen circumstances shall cause the cancellation of the

Show, in which event each exhibitor shall be reimbursed their monies for contracted space less any cost incurred by show management during the course of show planning and preparation. Exhibitors shall and do hereby waive any claim to damage, compensation or refund of money paid to the show except to the extent of such reimbursement.



Additional electrical outlets, tables, plumbing, furniture removal, etc. are not included in the booth fee and should be ordered through the show producers at time of contract submission.



All exhibit and booth materials, particularly drapes, curtains, table covers, etc. must comply with fire laws and Safety regulations, and must be flameproof. The exhibitor is restricted to using only materials that will pass fire inspection.



No refunds will be made after acceptance of the exhibitor contract by the show management, except as defined above.



The serving of alcoholic beverages and/or foods by exhibitors in any part of the show premises is not permitted. After “show hours” “Hospitality Suite” events are held at the discretion of the Manufacturers and their Representatives. Any Manufacturer and his representatives choosing to serve food, beverages and or alcohol within the confines of their Hotel Suite must comply with provincial and city laws and are liable for any indiscretions relating to their actions.



Show management will, as part of the fee, provide cleaning of the aisles and common area of the show. The exhibitor will be responsible for his own exhibit space.

Show management requires all show booths be kept clean, undamaged and free from any safety hazards at all times. Damages by the exhibitor or their representative(s) to the show or hotel property becomes the sole liability of the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor will be held responsible for reimbursement of any and all such damage(s).



Exhibitor may not sublease or share exhibit space without permission from the show management.



All exhibitors are required to abide by all show hours. Set up times will be allotted minimum 14 days prior to the even. All booths must be set up and open for business no later than 9:00 AM Sunday November 10, 2019, and remain open during all show hours. Attendee registration is at 9:00 AM both days, and competition registration is at 8:00 am both days, therefore we strongly recommend setting up the night prior if you have more than a light set up.  




Should a change of location of the show or the time be necessary, each exhibitor will be notified in a timely and appropriate manner.



Exhibitors/advertisers agree to refrain from scheduling any function at the show site for a period of two weeks prior to show commencement and two week following, without written permission from show management. This includes educational programs, product promotional events, hospitality events, etc.



All matters and questions not covered by these rules and regulations are subject to the decision of the show management. These rules and regulations may be amended at any time by the show management and all amendments that may be so made shall be equally binding upon publication, on all parties affected by them as the original regulations.



Exhibitors will be listed on the website, show material and social media. All sponsors for grooming competition  must be have a representative of your organization to present competition awards.
It is expected that your organization will make reasonable attempts to advertise your upcoming presence at the Show.





Neither the Management or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives shall be held accountable or liable for, and the same herby released from accountability for any damage, loss or injury to the person or any property of the Exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, employees or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, water or any other cause.

Thank you.